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I'll Show you mine...

Hank Halliday

I’ll Show You Mine if … I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve blown snow in the lane this winter. I love the snow and cold and snowshoeing in the woods. However, it’s March and it would be nice to have a break from the frigid temperatures. Since that doesn’t seem to be happening, I’ve retreated into my favourite armchair and opened Diver magazine to luxuriate in tropical vistas. Reflecting on our previous warm water adventures, I remembered my torn fin pocket and realized that I’d better start getting ready for the upcoming dive season.

So, let’s evaluate.

1. I definitely need new fins for tropical diving. Duck tape only lasts so long.

2. My drysuit needs a retro fit so that I can use dry gloves this season.

3. I dived last season with a neoprene neck seal. I prefer latex as in previous suits. I’ve heard good things about silicone seals and if I’m going to replace the neck seal perhaps I should go with the replaceable neck thingy.

4. I’ve already replaced a worn bungee on my side mount harness and fine- tuned the clips. (Thanks, Bruce)

5. All my regulators are in for service.

Whoops, I almost forgot.

I’d better check my tanks for visuals and hydros. As for my rebreather - I’m not sure whether I’ll be diving it this season or not. Too bad they don’t make them super light. If I do decide to dive it, I’ll have another long list of checks and replacements before it hits the water. Well, folks, that’s my list for preparing for the upcoming season, hopefullystarting in May.

What about you?

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